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Hearing Tests

Whether you are having your hearing tested in order to be fitted with hearing aids, your Physician has referred you due to an ear-related medical issue, or you are just establishing a baseline, a diagnostic hearing test is the most thorough and complete testing protocol. Your assessment will include pure tone testing, speech testing and middle ear testing.

Pure Tone Testing

Pure tone testing is a series of beeps that you will respond to while in the sound dampened booth. The beeps are presented at various frequency (pitch) levels and at various loudness levels. If you require hearing aids, pure tone testing is used as one of the key parameters in the initial programming of your new product.

Speech Testing

Various speech tests are performed in order to determine how well your auditory system detects and processes speech. If you require hearing aids, speech testing can be used to predict how well hearing aids will be able to improve your ability to understand speech.

Middle Ear Testing

Part of our standard test protocol, middle ear tests measure a variety of functions related to the eardrum, middle ear pressure and neural pathways associated with the auditory system.

Hearing Aid Testing

Also known as electro-acoustic testing, this is a series of tests which measure the various functions of your hearing aid, usually while you wait. Using specialized equipment, the performance of your hearing aid can be measured and compared to the manufacturer’s published specifications to determine how well the device  is working.

Hearing Aid Verification Testing

Also known as Real-Ear Measurement, this is an objective measure of your hearing aid performance while you are wearing it in your ear. Specialized equipment is used to measure how well the hearing aid amplifies speech at various levels. We also measure how well your hearing aid controls loud sound inputs.

Home Visits

For those who are unable to come to one of our clinics, we are pleased to offer value-priced home visit services. We have mobile equipment which allows us to provide all of our services at your home. This includes hearing testing, new hearing aid fittings, hearing aid programming, hearing aid testing and verification, cerumen management, as well as all other hearing care services.

Free Supply of Batteries

Each new order comes with a complimentary supply of 20 batteries per hearing aid.

Ongoing Support for

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are microelectronic devices with sophisticated computer processors which are used inside the human ear…not a friendly environment for such a sensitive device. Although hearing aids have never been more durable than they are today, they are subject to repair issues and you will need ongoing support. At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we like to think of this as one of our specialties and we are always just a phone call away.

We encourage you to call for an appointment to have your hearing aids checked at the first sign of a problem.

Annual Check Up

An annual check up is scheduled to ensure that your hearing aids are kept in good working condition. We can detect small deficiencies that can make a significant difference in your sound quality and speech clarity. Minor repairs for your hearing aids and an inspection of your ear canals on an annual basis are often all that is needed to keep you hearing your best.

Warranty Check Up

A warranty check up is scheduled just prior to the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty on your hearing aids. We test the hearing aids to ensure that all aspects of the hearing aids are working like new. If we detect any deficiencies, we recommend that the hearing aids be sent to the manufacturer for repair while they are still under warranty and repairs are still free of charge. The warranty check up can save you hundreds of dollars and extend the life of your hearing aids.

Advantage Service Package

At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we believe in adding value to the purchase of your hearing aids. Our Advantage Service Package is one of the ways we do this.

Comprehensive Hearing Test

Your initial assessment includes a diagnostic hearing test with pure tone testing, speech testing and middle ear testing.

3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Most of the hearing aids we fit carry a 3 year manufacturer warranty which covers electronic repairs and remake due to fit/comfort issues which can develop over time.

2-Year Loss/Damage Warranty

Most of the hearing aids we fit carry a 2 year manufacturer warranty which covers one-time loss or damage of the hearing aid. A deductible fee of $113 applies in the case of a loss or damage.

3 Years Services and Parts

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we supply hearing aid parts as well as our clinical services at no charge during the warranty period of the hearing aids. These services include consultation and counselling, cleaning and adjustment as well as repeat hearing tests, electro-acoustic testing and real ear verification testing as required.

Need help with your current hearing aids?

We would be pleased to consult with you, assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate services based on your individual situation. We regularly see clients who are either past warranty or have purchased hearing aids elsewhere and just need their current hearing aids reassessed and adjusted. This can make a significant difference in overall hearing ability and benefit. The average cost for this type of service is $100. This represents a small fraction when compared to the Ontario Recommended Fee Guide for clinical hearing aid services.

Earwax Problems?

Cerumen is the medical term for earwax. Earwax is produced in the outer half of the ear canal by sebaceous glands. Some individuals produce an excess of cerumen and it builds up over time. At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, all of our Hearing Care Professionals are certified and insured to perform cerumen management. We provide cerumen management for hearing aid users and non-hearing aid wearers alike. We keep the cost for this service at $10 per ear.