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Hearing Aids

At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we offer a wide variety of hearing aid products from several different hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to choose the product that is right for your hearing loss, your ear shape and size, your individual needs and, of course, your budget. We ensure that this decision making process is part of our consultation with you so that you are comfortable with the recommendation from the outset. Below are some of the highlights regarding hearing aids and other products we carry. Many of these aspects are covered in more detail throughout our website.

Modern Hearing Aids are designed to:

  • make speech clearer
  • keep surrounding noises comfortable
  • fit comfortably in your ears
  • fit most ears and hearing losses in a variety of styles
  • automatically adjust to various listening environments
  • allow for user adjustability
  • be remote control compatible
  • be Bluetooth compatible


All Hearing Aids:

  • come with a minimum 60-day trial period
  • come with electronics warranty
  • come with loss and damage coverage
  • require batteries
  • take time to adapt to
  • need cleaning and service
  • need to be adjusted periodically
  • have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years with regular use


Lowest Price Guarantee

We’ll match and beat our competitors’ hearing aid prices.

Written quotation:

To ensure accuracy, we would prefer that you, the client provide us with a written cost quotation from the competing vendor that states the brand and model of the recommended product. If a written cost quotation is not available, we will consider verbal information provided by you, the client in person to one of our clinicians. We reserve the right to decline provision of a lower quotation without a written quotation from the competing vendor.

First quotation:

The competitor’s quotation must be the first provided for the recommended product. We reserve the right to limit our Lowest Price Guarantee to one quotation per client for the recommended product.

Brand access:

The recommended brand must be one to which Audia Hearing Aid Centre Inc. has access. If the recommended product is a brand to which we do not have access, we will provide a lower quotation for a comparable product from a different manufacturer.

Product suitability:

The recommended product must be suitable for your type and degree of hearing loss.

Sale pricing:

Our Lowest Price Guarantee may still apply when competing with a sale priced product offered by a competing vendor, however, we reserve the right to decline provision of a lower quotation on sale priced products being offered by a competing vendor.

Other Hearing

Care Products

Bluetooth Adapters: available for television, home telephones and personal communication
Amplified Telephones: available as a special order
Infrared Television Devices: available as a special order
Remote Controls: used to make adjustments to hearing aid volume and programs


  • Premium zinc-air hearing aid batteries
  • 4 sizes – 10, 312, 13 and  675
  • Conveniently disposable
  • Mercury-free and environmentally friendly
  • Optimal reliability and shelf life

Always keep batteries dry and at room temperature for optimal performance.


  • wax and moisture filters
  • cleaning tools
  • moisture removal kits (dehumidifiers)
  • earmold blowers
  • battery testers
  • convenient keychain battery holders
  • Bluetooth accessories
Accidents Happen

Loss and Damage

At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we understand this and do everything we can to anticipate and soften the effects of mishaps.

We can often replace a broken hearing aid with a no charge remake or repair if the electronics are intact. However, if the product is beyond repair or is lost, a deductible fee will apply.

Hearing aid manufacturers include loss and damage coverage as part of their warranty packages and deductibles for replacement products vary depending on the product you have purchased. Most of the hearing aids we fit can be replaced within the specified loss and damage warranty period of two years for a deductible fee of only $113. Custom made earmolds for behind the ear hearing aids are not covered by hearing aid manufacturer’s loss and damage warranties.

Gifted Hearing Aids

Occasionally a client will bring us hearing aids which have been given to them by family members or friends who do not intend to use them any longer and will ask us to have the product fitted for themselves.

At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we offer special pricing for refitting gifted hearing aids. However, only certain styles of hearing aids are suitable for refitting. When we have determined that a gifted product can be refitted, we will provide the following services:

  • Hearing test
  • Visual inspection and listening check
  • Electroacoustic analysis if necessary
  • Manufacturer repair of product if necessary
  • Provision of custom earmolds or stock earpiece
  • Fitting and instruction appointment
  • One week follow up appointment
  • One month follow up appointment and real ear measurement
  • Service for balance of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Office services for one year from date of refitting regardless of balance of manufacturer’s warranty