Frequently Asked Questions

Kim and Andy Audia, Hearing Instrument Specialists and owners of Audia Hearing Aid Centre Inc. have been in the Hearing Care business since 1993! What has made their locally owned and operated business a success?
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that may give you some interesting insights into what Audia Hearing Aid Centre is all about.

Q: How did you get started in business?

A: Kim Audia started Audia Hearing Aid Centre in 1993 in a one room clinic in Soldiers Memorial Hospital. In 1994, Andy started in the hearing care field and began working in the business in 1995 expanding to Midland, Oakville and Toronto. In 2007 business interests in Oakville and Toronto were sold and the focus was placed on Orillia and Midland locations. As business expanded, Audia Hearing Aid Centre acquired another location in Gravenhurst (2012), then opened a new location in Penetanguishene at Georgian Village (2014), and then another in Elmvale (2015).

Q: What do you mean by high quality value-based hearing instruments?

A: Of course, there are many different hearing aid manufacturers to choose from. We study new product introductions and determine whether or not the features contained in various new products are good value. We test and listen to the products that we use, we study the computer software that runs the instruments and we gain an understanding of the overall quality of the product. With our experience and through continuous education, we are able to offer the highest quality technologies at the lowest possible prices to our clients.

Q: Does a person need to wear hearing aids all day or just when they really need them?

A: We get this question a lot! The simple fact is that our most successful hearing aid users wear their hearing aids for most of their waking hours, every day. They get to the point where they are not even aware that the hearing aids are in their ears. They adapt to the product through perseverance in the first two to three months, which can be the difficult time for many first-time hearing aid users. Once they have adapted, they get to the point where they would rather have the hearing aids in than have them out…that’s a successful fitting! At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we counsel our clients on an individual basis throughout the follow up period to ensure that they are adapting and getting the most benefit from their new hearing aids.

Q: How does an individual know they need help with their hearing?

A: Often, it is a family member or close friend who brings a hearing problem to the individual’s attention. Misunderstanding speech, asking people to repeat often, responding inappropriately, missing out on or withdrawing from social activities, having the television too loud, not hearing sounds like birds and crickets or the turn signal in the car – all of these initial indicators can lead a person to seek help with their hearing problem.

Q: Can you share some insights into what has made your business successful?

A: Our commitment to our client’s satisfaction and obtaining optimal results from their hearing instruments has been the driving force behind the growth and success of our business.  We pride ourselves on extensive testing protocols, counseling and education, high quality, value-based hearing instruments, ongoing follow up programs, no cost service programs and measured verification of the products we fit.

We also work diligently to ensure that we have products available to suit every individual’s needs and budget. We take extra time with each client to ensure we gain an understanding of their overall needs and we are very careful to convey the information they need to make an informed decision about the product they are about to purchase.

Lastly, we work in our business every day surrounded by a great team of highly trained clinicians and support staff who understand our values and work with our clients the same way that we do…we’ve managed to create synergies that have allowed our business to expand and be successful in an ever-changing and competitive market.

Q: What is the first step toward getting help with a hearing problem?

A: Making an appointment for a hearing test is really the first step. At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we do an initial consultation to gain an understanding of the client’s individual hearing difficulties, we then perform a full diagnostic hearing test and explain the results to the client. We follow that with recommendations and a counseling session to ensure that the client has a full understanding of how we expect our product will be able to help them. Sometimes, a client will need some time to consider the test results and recommendations. We believe that spending time explaining the hearing loss and expectations with amplification builds a foundation for a successful fitting with hearing aids when the individual is ready to take the next step.

Q: I’ve heard that hearing aids are really expensive…is that true?

A: Premium hearing aid technologies can be very expensive, but for the consumer who is looking for a value-based hearing aid product, the prices have never been better! Hearing aids in the entry level and advanced technology categories cost less now than they did 20 years ago. At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we don’t usually advertise based on price, but in fact we carry hearing aid solutions at prices that are well below market value and that our competitors simply can not match. We also have a policy called our “Lowest Price Guarantee”. This is our way of ensuring that if a client is searching for the best price on a particular product, we will be able to provide it.

Q: After I buy new hearing aids do they need to be serviced? How long will they last?

A: Hearing aids typically last between four and six years if they are used daily and it is not unusual for a malfunction to occur in the microelectronics of the product. Regular service on hearing aids is very important. At Audia Hearing Aid Centre, we offer no charge extended warranties and our Advantage Service Package with most of the hearing aids we fit. This gives our clients unlimited service on their hearing aids at no cost for the life of the warranty.